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For a great outdoor experience

Outdoor activities can involve certain risks, so always be sure to have the skills and abilities required for the activity you choose. Your abilities must not be impaired by alcohol, a drug or medication. It is very important to find out about the risks involved in the activity, to know and respect your own limits and to use appropriate equipment.

Sépaq has been making the best landscapes of Québec nature as accessible as possible for a number of years. However in addition to this mission, it is also concerned with visitor safety.

All visitors remain responsible for their own safety, with risk management being an integral part of the outdoor experience. Preparing yourself adequately is the first step in the safe and enjoyable practice of your favourite activities.

We invite you to consult our safety guides for Sépaq activities.

The costs and expenses incurred in conducting search and rescue operations are the responsibility of the beneficiary. We invite you to get insurance coverage on these risks.

Sépaq wishes you an unforgettable outdoor experience!

To minimize the risks when bathing

Supervised bathing is offered at certain Sépaq establishments and on sites designated for this purpose. We recommend that you engage in this activity only at these locations and according to the instructions in effect.

Unsupervised bathing in all other locations is at your own risk. This is not recommended as there is a considerable risk of drowning. Always remember that a waterway may present an unseen danger (steep slope, slippery bottom, etc.). Although unsupervised bathing is strongly discouraged, if you choose to do so please make sure that you are not alone or that you have informed others of your intention to bathe and that you are not impaired.

River bathing: special risks

Although the river may seem calm and safe, it is a natural environment with unexpected sources of danger and can quickly become hazardous. Despite your best efforts, the strong current can drag you down and put you at risk of drowning. The presence of eddies, unstable bottoms, branches and rocks, and variations in depth also increase the risk of drowning. In addition, be doubly vigilant near a dam.

Remember that your safety is your own responsibility.

For a safe accomodation

The information and instructions to follow are intended to promote safe accommodation during your stay at one of our Sépaq-network establishments.


It is your responsibility to inform your guests of the inherent risks involved in the activity you have chosen, including the information provided in the safety guides.

In emergency situations, call 911 or the Sûreté du Québec at 310-4141 or if calling from a cell phone, dial 4141 (where cell phone networks are available).

Be Informed

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