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Cross-country skiing - Winter 2022-2023

Our team has compiled a list of the most frequent requests. Your answer may already be there.

Season pass

  • When can I purchase my cross-country ski season pass?
    • A limited number of pre-sale season passes for the winter of 2022-2023 will be available starting October 13, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. You’ll benefit from a discounted rate until October 19, 2022 (or until the pre-sale season passes are sold out). 

      Note: the network season passes (7 days) and the season passes for a single centre (7 days and 5 days) that were offered in presale were sold.

      Regular-priced season passes will then go on sale on October 20, 2022 at 9 a.m. and will also be available in limited quantities.
  • Why are you now offering a single-centre pass?
    • The latest customer survey shows that the vast majority of pass holders only use a single centre or have one very strong preference. The creation of passes for one centre allows Sépaq establishments to increase the number of passes available for sale because they are not restricted by the more limited capacities of other centres in the network. Knowing the number of pass holders specific to one's own centre provides better predictability and allows for a more precise adjustment of the number of daily access tickets that can be made available.

      The new terms and conditions therefore improve accessibility to cross-country ski centres by offering more season passes and daily tickets.
  • Why not leave the network pass at its regular price and reduce the cost for a single-centre pass?
    • Buying a season pass for a single-centre will not change the habits of most enthusiasts. The latest customer survey shows that the vast majority of pass holders only use a single centre or have one very strong preference.

      The single-centre pass rate ($220) is 2.8% higher than last year's network pass (2021-2022), despite the impact of inflation and higher fuel costs on trail maintenance costs. A single-centre pass also includes a free daily ticket to visit another centre of your choice. The rate for a single-centre pass is therefore very competitive with the market in terms of quality and kilometres of accessible trails.

      The rate for a network pass is also very competitive ($282) considering the unparalleled access it offers to seven (7) centres and hundreds of kilometres of well-groomed trails in a number of regions of Québec. It also offers various interesting discounts.
  • Why not leave all passes available for pre-sale as in the past?
    • Pre-sales in limited quantities are a widespread commercial practice. Sépaq is adapting to what is done elsewhere by offering a promotion that applies only to a portion of the passes that are for sale. Last year's sell-out of pre-sale passes left many people unhappy, as they were expecting a regular price sale to follow the promotion, as is usually the case.
  • Doesn't the sale of "network" passes risk overloading a centre that has sold all its passes?
    • Centres have determined the number of passes that can be offered for sale, assuming that "network" passes will continue to be in circulation. The predictability achieved through the use of centre-based passes allows for better anticipation of user traffic and the number of daily tickets.

      The fact remains that some centres will reach their maximum capacity at certain times, that we recommend arriving early and that, exceptionally, it may be necessary to wait before accessing the trails.
  • Why reduce discounts for seniors and students?
    • The 20% discount is comparable to what other players in the market offer for retirees, and Sépaq offers it at age 60, rather than at age 65 as is the case for most other players.
  • Can I cross-country ski this winter even if I haven't purchased a season pass?
    • Yes, visitors will be able to purchase daily passes and tickets online to use the cross-country ski trails. Please note that the number of daily passes and cross-country ski tickets available for purchase online will be limited to ensure responsible traffic management.

      It will also be possible to purchase booklets of 12 daily tickets, which will be offered in limited quantities. The tickets contained in the booklet are transferable between skiers and are valid in the seven cross-country ski centres.

Daily ticket and equipment rental

  • Can I purchase my cross-country ski ticket in advance?
    • Yes, cross-country ski tickets can be purchased online up to four days prior to your outing, starting at 8:00 p.m. If you’re visiting a cross-country ski centre located in a national park, you must also pay your daily access fee.
  • Will it be possible to rent equipment this winter?
    • Yes, equipment will be available for rental this winter. At some locations, individuals wishing to rent any form of equipment may be required to reserve it by phone (1-800-665-6527 ) at least 24 hours in advance. Specific conditions for the establishment being visited are listed online.

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