Parc national de Plaisance

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This national park – the only one in the Outaouais – features rich biodiversity with over 260 species of birds, many amphibians and, of course, turtles! Venture into our wetlands and resplendent forests and connect with nature in these exceptional habitats.

Parc national de Plaisance Parc national de Plaisance
Parc national de Plaisance Dominic Boudreault | © Sépaq
© Sépaq

Zizanie-des-marais Trail: Walk on water!

The Zizanie-des-Marais trail is the absolute top must-see of parc national de Plaisance. One kilometre of pathway – including over 400 metres of floating pathway – takes you right to the heart of our marshes teeming with life! You will most certainly spot beaver or muskrat dens along the way if not a great blue heron or red-winged blackbird! The flowering aquatic plants found here in the summer are also a gorgeous spectacle not to be missed.

Dominic Boudreault | © Sépaq

Le Marais-aux-Rubaniers

Come and step into another world! This trail offers you a complete change of scene as it wends its way to the heart of a lush forest. The trail also features over 500 metres of raised walkway on stilts. Located in a section of the park that floods every spring and is normally inaccessible, this raised walkway allows you to visit the splendid Rubaniers marsh.

Dominic Boudreault | © Sépaq

Visit the "nest": The Perras Tower

Whether walking or cycling, your visit to the Perras tower will amaze you! This nest-shaped observation tower is a tribute to the tremendous diversity of the birds that live and reproduce within the park, such as in the Perras marsh. You will be treated to spectacular views of the marsh and the Ottawa River. Bring your binoculars! Starting point: Galipeau house, Thurso sector.

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Bike the Des Outaouais Trail

Cyclists will fall in love with the Outaouais bike trail. This 21-kilometre round trip follows the Ottawa River and crosses numerous habitats, including marshes, bays and a majestic stand of silver maple. Have a snack at the baie Dubé picnic area before starting back.

Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

Paddle t o the Chutes Du Moulin Falls

With a vertical drop of nearly 60 metres (higher than Niagara Falls), these falls, also called the Plaisance Falls, are definitely worth a visit. Fear not, however. The idea is not to go down them but rather to paddle along the Petite Nation river to view them from below. This beginner level, 10-kilometre trip takes approximately 3.5 hours and can be done by canoe, kayak or paddleboard. The team’s friendly suggestion: bring a snack! From the base of the falls, a small path leads to a lookout offering breathtaking views.

Parc national

Protected area.
Enriching nature experiences.

Québec’s national parks, guardians of countless treasures, offer a chance to connect with nature. Safeguard these protected areas so they can be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.

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Explo: a new game for young adventurers

This summer, a brand-new free geolocation-based game will allow your small fry to have fun and move about while discovering Quebec's national parks. The downloadable application will transform hiking into a challenging exploration mission for them, combining all sorts of nature challenges.

The game includes a version adapted to each parks for which it will be available, i.e. Aiguebelle, Bic, Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Mégantic, Plaisance, Mont-Saint-Bruno, Lac-Témiscouata, Yamaska, Mont-Orford, Mont-Tremblant, and Oka national parks.

Before your visit, download the Explo game on the App Store® and the Google Play StoreTM.

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