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Parc national des Pingualuit

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Parc national des Pingualuit is a marvel of Northern Québec. Visitors are amazed by the meteor crater here, which measures 3.4 km in diameter. Despite its age, estimated at about 1.4 million years, the Pingualuit crater is one of the youngest in Québec. Its rocky walls imprison the exceptionally clear blue water of a circular lake. Officially inaugurated on November 30, 2007 by Québec Premier Jean Charest, this park is nicknamed nunavingmi pikkuminartuq, an Inuit expression meaning a remarkable location where a person may come to be revitalized. This awe-inspiring park is located right in the middle of the tundra, and you can explore its ecosystem either on foot or on skis. An exhilarating ambience in a unique setting! Visit the Web site.

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