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Current rates

Do you want a rough idea of the rates? These tables will help you plan your stay. To find out the exact rate for the accommodations you want, simulate a reservation and check out the package deals. Please note: all of the rates may change without advance notice and they may vary by date and by composition of your group.

Taxes are extra.

Entry fee - Recommended online purchase

Park entry fee also applies in extra in national parks. You must buy your daily access right or your annual card before your visit or your stay.

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Equipment rental (2023 Summer Season)

$37 /4 hours
$53 /1 day

/ 1 hour
Deluxe pedal boat (aluminium) - 4 seats

$50.50/4 hours

/ 1 hour
Giant Stand up paddle (8 persons)

$52 /4 hours
$73.75/1 day

/ 1 hour
Open kayak solo

$34 /4 hours
$48 /1 day

/ 1 hour
Open kayak tandem

$42.50/4 hours
$60.50/1 day

/ 1 hour

$32 /4 hours
$45.75/1 day

/ 1 hour
Stand up paddle

$34 /4 hours
$48.25/1 day

/ 1 hour
Telescopic poles $14.25
/ day


Entry fees for the national parks

Detailed rates for campsites

Packages for the establishment


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