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Park Experience

A Sea of Mountains

Parc national de la Gaspésie is a real sea of mountains in the heart of the Gaspé Peninsula. Its topography and climate attract a wide variety of living species unique in Québec and even the world. Two mountain ranges cover the park's territory: the Chic-Chocs mountains, a name well-known among outdoor enthusiasts, including Mont Albert and Mont Logan, and on the East side, the McGerrigle mountains, including the highest peak in southern Quebec, Mont Jacques-Cartier. These massifs gather more than 25 peaks above 1000 m. The panorama is breathtaking! Summer and winter alike, this vacation destination guarantees visitors an unforgettable experience.

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Discover the Park Through Interpretation

Parc national de la Gaspésie has the potential to inspire wonder! And the best way is to participate in our discovery activities (in French only). Through the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage, you’ll learn more about the park and the importance of protecting it.

Among the treasures we hope to share are: the tundra landscapes of Mont Jacques-Cartier and the caribou that are often seen there, the unique Mont Albert and its very unusual morphology, and the spectacular glacial cirque of Lac aux Américains.

Discovery and Visitors Centre

During your visit to the park, make sure not to miss our Discovery and Visitors Centre. You can check out the thematic exhibition called A Sea of Mountains in the Heart of the Gaspésie. In just a short time you’ll discover the whole territory represented by a large model, you can look closely at the summits of Mont Albert and Mont Jacques-Cartier as if you were there, and you’ll learn about the connections between the soil, climate, flora and fauna. Discovery activities (in French only) are presented in the amphitheatre.

In the Discovery and Visitors Centre, you’ll also find reception and information services and Boutique Nature.

Did you know?

Forest ecosystems of the park

The altitude of the mountains at the national park engenders specific environmental conditions at the origin of unique trademark ecosystems? For example, the national park features more than 20 exceptional small forest ecosystems of ancient and uncommon spruce-fir forests, characterized in particular by the total absence of disturbances (human or natural), where the dominant trees reach a venerable age and/or exceptional heights.


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