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Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

Participate in the park’s discovery activities. Let a park warden share his or her passion for the territory and the nature it protects. Here are a few examples.

Inspector Hero!

Come find out about some of the park’s most illustrious animals during a big quiz for the whole family. Furs, skulls scents and sounds will help you to trace Hero's friends!

From leaves to needles

Here’s a thought. Why not discover how to distinguish different species of trees and plants? A great activity that the entire family can enjoy! In addition to providing identification tricks, the park warden and naturalist will show you how to create a herbarium representative of the plants that you can see in the park.

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

 Are you more independent? No problem! Explore Parc national de Frontenac and soak up the spirit of the area.

Hiking in the Bog

Inside a coniferous forest, the peatbog offers a colourful show of carnivore plants, orchids and wide open spaces combining rich perfumes and enchanting breezes. Two observation towers and a self-guided circuit will add even more pleasure to your hike.

Birding stations

Want to take advantage of your stay in the park to do a little bird watching? If so, why not plan to stop at one of our three birding stations? The stations are located along the bike path at good birding spots and provide binoculars and identification guides for those stopping by. With over 200 species of resident and visiting birds, you'll never be bored!

Did you know?

International Dark Sky Reserve

Parc national de Frontenac will soon become an International Dark Sky Reserve. This means that work is underway to limit light pollution as much as possible in order to improve the visibility of the starry sky. The work is aimed at modifying the various lighting fixtures in the park. These modifications will not only have a positive impact on the quality of the starry sky, but also on the fauna whose behavior can be disturbed by light pollution.

Dark sky

If you would like to learn more about astronomy and the impact of light pollution, find out more about our Lumière sur les étoiles / Starlight activity.

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