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Parc national du Mont-Tremblant


Park Experience

Discover Unique Territories

Québec’s national parks are there to be discovered. Unique protected natural sites, magnificent scenery, diversified plant and animal life, an authentic cultural heritage. Discovering the national parks is an unforgettable experience. Whether on foot, canoe or bicycle, you’ll be surrounded by fascinating environments that stimulate your spirit.

Interpretation: Privileged Access

Why not go further in understanding your surroundings? Just participate in one of our hundreds of discovery activities based on the interpretation of natural and cultural heritages.

The modern vision of cultural interpretation to which Québec's National Parks adheres goes beyond simply sharing knowledge. “Cultural interpretation aims to promote comprehension and provide enjoyment, to stimulate emotions while sharing knowledge. But beyond a simple explanation for the visitor of a natural or human heritage, the objective of this concept is to communicate the value and therefore the importance of conserving it.” (Benoît Tierghien, Director, Centre permanent d’initiatives pour l’environnement du Haut Doubs).

Come and experience our exciting discovery activities, the best way to explore the national parks. The signature of our interpretive activities is that without you knowing it, they lead you to ask questions and become aware of the importance of these areas. Like us, you will walk away with a better understanding of why we protect what we understand and what we love.

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