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Scholastic Activities

School activities in nature

Our goal is to connect our youth to nature through experiences that make them think on their feet. Led by passionate park wardens, our activities allow young people to open up to their environment, to understand its fragility, and to live a full-scale nature experience!

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Garde-parc avec jeune

Information on school activities in nature

Grades and CyclesPrograms
Duration and
Pricing 2023-2024
Discovering the park
During a hike along the Chemin-du-Nord trail, in the company of a park warden and naturalist, you will discover the unique characteristics of the St. Lawrence estuary, as well as the coastal organisms that inhabit it. You will also take a trip back in time from the era of the first occupants to the present day, touching on themes such as the Indigenous presence, maritime history, seigneuries, vacationing, fishing, agriculture, and the establishment of the national park. This walk is meant to be immersive and participatory. The objective is to accompany and involve young people in their exploration and discovery and to connect them to the territory through their senses by varied and playful means. Its content will be adapted according to the group's grade level.
Preschool Science and
history and
citizenship education
ST 1, 2, 4
FR 2
1 h
$66.50  + taxes/class
(1st cycle)
ST 1, 2, 4
FR 2

1½ h
$102.75 + taxes/class


2 h
$137 + taxes/class

Maximum of 20 per group

(2nd cycle)
ST 1, 4
FR 1, 2
GHEC 2,3
(3rd cycle)
ST 1, 2, 3, 4
FR 1,2,
GHEC 1, 2, 3
A bird's eye view of our national parks
After a classroom introduction to the world of birds (habitats, species, anatomy, needs, observation), students will investigate the diversity of birds in different habitats, including national parks. They will then go on an observation trip and compare their data with those of other classes.
Topics: national parks, habitat, biology, observation, data collection
Procedure: a three-part "before-and-after" activity over approximately three periods.
(4th grade)
Science and technology
- Living world
1. Propose explanations or solutions to scientific or technological problems.

2. Use the tools, objects, and processes of science and technology

1 h
$108 + taxes/class

Québec's national parks: protected territories
What if you were offered the opportunity to build your own national park? With the help of a park warden and naturalist, your students will learn about Québec’s national parks, their history and their important mission. This unique activity will prompt them to reflect on the balance that needs to be struck between conservation and accessibility in our protected territories.
Topics: national parks, territory, conservation-accessibility balance, creation of a fictitious park
Procedure: a three-part "before-and-after" activity over approximately three periods
Secondary 1 and 2 This activity meets the requirements of the "Social universe - geography" domain, for secondary 1 and 2 students.

1 h
$108 + taxes/class

Free of charge for the 4th, 7th, and 10th classes in the same school

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Financial assistance to schools

Depending on the activity you choose, you may receive financial assistance from government organizations (reimbursement of certain expenses). Find out more!

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