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Major projects

Sépaq is extremely proud to present this innovative and immersive project which respects both the heritage character of Parc de la Chute-Montmorency and the integrity of its natural environment. Final delivery of all sections of the project, including the semi-submersible walkway, is scheduled for 2023.

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An experience that’s unique in the world

The installation of a semi-submersible walkway in the basin at the foot of the waterfall will enable people to get close to it like never before and fully appreciate all its beauty and might. This waterfall is one of the most gorgeous natural jewels of Québec and is renowned here and elsewhere. Thanks to talented Québec engineering, we can offer an experience that’s unique in the world at a truly exceptional site.

The project is sure to fit perfectly in the historic setting of Montmorency Falls, without fundamentally altering it. This marvel will seduce both tourists and residents of the Capitale-Nationale region alike. Its ease of access will enable each and everyone to have a vibrant experience that’s truly one of a kind.

The semi-submersible walkway: a technical feat

Montmorency Falls stands out due to its 83-metre height, i.e. 30 metres higher than Niagara Falls. Nothing will better enable people to fully appreciate this elevation than the semi-submersible walkway to be installed at its base. This angled 150-metre structure that will cross the basin is unique in the world.

Stabilized by concrete ballasts, the walkway will resist water flow pressure and automatically adjust to the level of the basin. Visitors who aren't afraid to get a little wet will dare to set off on this half-submerged steel walkway to face the waterfall, feel its might, and listen to its all-powerful roar.

A circuit that’s enchanting and accessible to all

The proposed design concept includes a round-trip circuit with four sections on the same level, entirely
accessible to people in wheelchairs or to families with a stroller for example. The semi-submersible walkway will be complemented by the following features:

  • The contemplative crossing: The pedestrian section of the current bridge which includes a rail crossing above the river will be widened. This will make it possible to unclog the crossing and enable those who wish to sit below to quietly contemplate the waterfall from a little further away. As for walkers, they will be at a level of elevation that will entirely remove the guardrail from their field of vision. An impressive lookout indeed!
  • The mineral trail: In its eastern portion, the current concrete sidewalk along the cliff where the panoramic staircase is located will be expanded and elevated, and its sides, landscaped and beautified. At its end, the current promontory will be partially cut to unblock the space needed to reach the walkway. But it will still be possible to observe the waterfall from the top of the promontory. The promontory’s staircase will be moved.
  • The nature trail: On the western side, a long wooden trail including a number of water access points will be built. Ideal for anglers who wish to continue to drop a line in the basin and for ramblers keen to dip their feet in the water! The easy-to-revegetate location will offer a completely different, very wooded, atmosphere. The 410-metre-long trail will loop back to the station.

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