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Sépaq Anticosti

Anticosti Island’s fame extends well beyond our borders. It’s the dream location for hunters everywhere! This heavenly spot has so many deer. Its concentration of 20.9 animals per km2 is one of the highest in North America. Here no stone is left unturned so that you can bag your hunting trophy without having to prepare for months in advance. Throw in a vast and exclusive hunting sector in the heart of a mythical island and you’ve got all the ingredients to maximize your chances of success. With the possibility of still hunting or hunting from a ground blind, you’ll gain a lot of experience in a single trip!

Sépaq Anticosti Sépaq Anticosti
Sépaq Anticosti - Deer Hunting, Anticosti Island Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

Always more for hunters in 2024

Hunting: Five days, six nights

All packages include one extra day to track down the deer of your dreams in September and October.

Flight from Mont-Joli included in all packages

You can also leave from Montréal or Québec City for an extra $400/hunter.

Packages without a guide

Accessible trips designed for hunters who are autonomous, organized, and a tad adventurous too.

Note: the price displayed does not include air transportation.

Packages with a guide

Opt for the services of an experienced guide who’ll welcome you at the airport and whisk you to your accommodations and to hunting sites, calibrate your gun, accompany you in the forest, suggest hunting techniques, and gut and package your game. If you want to avoid daily tasks, the package including meals is also a very attractive option. These are tremendous assets for a hunting experience that’s sure to be successful and fun.

Jupiter 12: the ultimate experience

Be the king and master during a hunting trip. Choose the very best: Jupiter 12. A legendary lodge that has hosted the great ones of this world. It offers hunters unrivaled high-end service in terms of its comfortable accommodations, renowned cuisine (alcoholic beverages included), and personalized service. At Jupiter 12, there’s one guide per group of two hunters.

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