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Free of charge for young hunters

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Moose hunting

It's possible to add 1 young hunter to an existing single group at no extra charge (or 2 young people in the case of a double group). The young hunter must be between 12 and 17 years old, or 18 to 24 in the case of a student, and hold a hunter’s certificate.

In the case of the Family Moose Hunting Package, the group will be composed of 3 adult hunters and a young hunter aged 12 to 17. A second young hunter of the same age bracket, or aged 18 to 24 in the case of a student, may be added free of charge.

Small game hunting

Youngsters 17 years and under can hunt small game free of charge if they’re with an adult holder of a small game hunting daily right of access pass.

During a stay with accommodations, youngsters 17 years and under are also lodged free of charge, in addition to the number of adults required when booking. The criteria are as follows:

  • 2 children for 5 adults or fewer
  • 4 children for 6 adults or more

In all cases, if only the adult holds a small game hunting licence, you must share the same bag limit (see the entire regulation here). If both the adult and the child have a small game hunting licence, each will be entitled to his or her own bag limit.

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