Nature’s finest benefits

Non-scientific, but 100% authentic research

Mother Nature’s reputation speaks for itself. True outdoor enthusiasts who can’t stay away from the forest for more than a week and occasional fans who leave town only during certain seasons agree on one thing: Nature always holds a little something special… a strange sensation of well-being, calm, and peace of mind. A feeling like no other.

For those of you who need convincing, our team took delight in putting together a demonstration of the benefits of getting out in nature for body and mind alike!

A full dose of fresh air

There’s no need to hide here. Imagine yourself surrounded by greenery and tall trees, or simply sitting by the water instead of being in the heart of the city where concrete rules. Immediately, you feel the fresh air expand your lungs and spread goodness throughout your body! No need to get on a waiting list; your respiratory system recovers as if by magic. Why do without?

Restful sleep under the stars

No neighbours to create a nocturnal din, no traffic noise at crazy hours. Simply the quiet of nighttime. This is what you get when you spend a night in the deep forest. This feeling of having peace at long last will do you a world of good. But beware, restful sleep and waking up to the sound of birds chirping instead of the howling of your alarm clock is addictive! Note: unfortunately, albeit powerful, there’s nothing nature can do for your roommates’ snoring.

Having a simple and healthy diet

When you embark on an adventure in the woods, it’s pointless to plan a fancy picnic. You’d be better off choosing healthful foods, such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts, to provide all the nourishment you need for your activities. Make sure that your water bottles are full and all the elements for a genuine detoxification will be in place. If you get a chance to fish during your nature stay, this is as fresh as food gets and cooking your catch can be an opportunity to reconnect with your roots.

You want some inspiration for cooking al fresco? Well, you can count on the suggestions of our collaborator Geneviève O'Gleman.

Discovering, learning, and finding inspiration

It’s well known that curiosity keeps the mind young! Travelers who are eager for adventure will rejoice in the nook of the woods where wildlife abounds. Keep an eye out for tracks revealing the discreet presence of all sorts of animals. At any moment you might bump into a hare, get a glimpse of a loon, or come face to face with a deer! At Québec national parks there are also plenty of discovery activities designed to promote the natural and cultural heritage of our territories. A great way to let nature soothe your mind!

To learn more about conservation initiatives in Quebec’s national parks, check out the journey by the Go-Van team which met people dedicating their lives to the preservation of our environment, enabling future generations to enjoy the natural world.

Staying in shape before the Christmas holidays

Remember the New Year’s resolutions that you made last year? It’s time to put them into practice! With fall and the holidays just around the corner, this is no time to give in to a sedentary lifestyle or give up on exercise! The outdoors provides countless opportunities to stay fit and feel great. Hikes, outings on the water, aerial adventures via ferrata circuits…there’s no shortage of choice at Sépaq destinations. Come on! Let’s go play outside!

Forget about cleaning and clear your mind

Leave the broom in the closet! Get away from the vacuum cleaner, now! Despite all your good intentions, there are better ways than performing household chores to clear your mind. Pack your backpack and go out to explore the best that nature has to offer. Once you’re out there, you’ll quickly forget daily routines. Whatever activity you choose, you’ll have some quality time where nothing but the present moment counts. And that’s happiness…big time!

Being in tune with your true essence

This is the real reason why we invite you to come and play outside: to help you get back in touch with your essence and to reconnect with the best that nature has to offer. Forget all those far-fetched arguments that you’re bound to hear and keep this in mind: being outside in the most beautiful nature of Québec simply feels good… and is good for you too!

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