14 eco-friendly gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts

For many, the Christmas holiday season is a time of bounty... and waste! Want to celebrate while respecting your environmental values? Here are 14 eco-friendly gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts. No waste, no over-consumption: just smart, useful ideas for reducing your ecological footprint - and that of your loved ones – while sparing you the headaches of choosing!

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Buying smart isn't always easy!

Despite our best efforts, making the right purchase is no easy task. Both online and in stores, there are piles of outdoor products with an ever-increasing array of features. So how do you know whether a particular item is a good gift or a dud?

To begin with, ask yourself if the person you want to give it to really needs the item. A gift gathering dust in the back of a cupboard won't be of any use at all. Next, consider whether the item is reusable and durable. Will it be easy to repair? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, and the average lifespan of the product is relatively long, you might consider buying a second-hand version. This is the perfect solution if the person you have in mind has expensive tastes.

Considering social issues, does the item represent a responsible purchase? Is the company that makes it carbon neutral? This is certainly a concrete way to support an environmental cause close to your heart.

The gift you have in mind ticks several boxes? Fantastic! You're on the right track. Short of ideas? Here are our top suggestions for giving a breath of fresh air to someone special, whatever your budget.

Gift ideas under $20

It's often the details that make all the difference! This is certainly true when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. After all, what could be more satisfying than savouring a healthy snack after a long mountain hike or ski outing? Practically nothing, right? That's why offering nutritious homemade nibbles made with love is the perfect solution for small budgets. And while you're at it, why not throw in a few stainless steel straws and reusable utensils? That's what we’d call killing two birds with one stone!

Looking for the perfect idea for a budding explorer or adventurer? Visit a Sépaq Nature Boutique (generally located within the Discovery and Service Centre of our destinations) and pick up a colouring book to give free rein to your child's creativity. And for something a little off the beaten track, why not give them a reusable bag for collecting a host of treasures on their next excursion into the forest... without poking holes in their pockets!

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq
Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Gift ideas between $20 and $45

To keep feet warm, merino wool socks are all the rage. We're betting that alpaca wool thermal socks will also appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. They're ideal for winter sports: skating, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking... or simply playing in the snow. For pure happiness, why not let our inner child run free!

Whether for enjoying a cup of coffee by the fire or hydrating during a long excursion, a number of isothermal containers in different sizes, suitable for hot or cold beverages, are easy enough to find. A wide array of receptacles for any thirsty adventurer!

When it comes to feminine hygiene, reusable wee-wee cloths and washable pantiliners will appeal to the more athletic types. A little extra: the vast majority of sanitary pads close over the panties with a very slim snap that prevents them from shifting with every movement.

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq
Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Gift ideas $50 and over

When you're passionate about an activity, you want to do it all year round – and sometimes even at any time of the day or night! If that's the case with the person you'd like to spoil, they'll certainly love being equipped with a rechargeable headlamp.

For many walkers, hiking and trekking poles are essential for maintaining good balance. Summer or winter, on steep slopes or slippery trails, they're a must. A tip from the pros: for greater lightness and sturdiness, carbon poles are the best choice.

Dealing with a water sports lover? Waterproof bags make an excellent gift for folks who go in for a big splash. Expressly designed for outings on the water, they keep all the items needed for a successful getaway good and dry.

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Gift ideas $100 and over

Want to share your adventures in good company even when the nights get cooler? Get yourself a warm blanket. Did you know that several Quebec brands make them from recycled materials and plant-based and bio-sourced insulation? It's an essential accessory that campers won't be able to do without when they're gathering by the fire!

Technical undergarments, also known as combos, are unquestionably among the top three outdoor essentials to have on hand. Generally made from merino wool, they ensure comfort and warmth. Used in a multi-layer system, they’re lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.

A minimalist wardrobe is a guarantee of success for many environmentally conscious people. With this in mind, a number of brands produce fleece coats and sweaters that can be worn in both town and forest. What's more, they're suitable for most outdoor activities, whatever the conditions. Marshmallows and hot chocolate not included!

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq
Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Putting on the finishing touches!

Hallelujah! You've found the perfect gift! Now, how do you wrap it without spoiling all your efforts? First option: reuse old cardboard boxes, children's drawings, and even road maps – why on earth not? - to create a colourful and creative wrapping.

Second solution: become a master in the art of furoshiki, a Japanese technique that involves using fabric to wrap a present. And there's no need to buy anything new for the occasion: a scarf or pillowcase will do just fine.

To minimize the use of tape, string or hair elastics, for example, will do just fine. Then sprinkle on a touch of magic with natural elements like fir, pinecones, or a dried citrus wedge.

Above and beyond the equipment, nothing beats the experience! For a successful stay in nature, give the gift of one of Sépaq's many activities or a gift certificate. You'll be able to surprise camping fans, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, and even snowshoeing and cross-country skiing devotees. This year, let’s put nature under the tree!

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq
Mathieu Lachapelle | © Sépaq

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