10 reasons to fall under the spell of Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs

Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs makes you dream...with your eyes wide open! Here are ten reasons to fall in love with a place that’s one of a kind in Québec. You absolutely need to live the Auberge de montagne experience… of that you’ll be convinced!

Reason #1

1,440 minutes of happiness each and every day

What a pleasure to wake up in the morning after a comfortable sleep in a quiet, peaceful place, free of the city’s bright lights and taking in a breathtaking view. The plan for the day? You'll be the one to decide because you're the master of your days. Whether climbing the highest peaks in the area, hiking to places where stunning vistas unfold before your eyes, relaxing in our spa, or reading a book on a comfortable sofa, you'll experience absolute and total bliss. A day like this is guaranteed to recharge your batteries! A natural high awaits you!

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Reason #2

A 63 km2 playground

Visitors looking for adventure will be simply delighted here! Hiking with a guide or on your own, mountain biking along over 100 km of forest tracks – everything you need to get your fill of fresh air! You can even try out the electric-assist mountain bikes! You’ll truly find yourself in a spectacular place. As an added bonus, no need to overload your luggage with all sorts of equipment… the Auberge will provide it all!

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Reason #3

A “natural” chef

The highlight of a perfect day at the Auberge is the chef placing steaming dishes on the large wooden tables. Conversation and laughter are the order of the day as we serve up healthy and tasty food with a focus on fish and game. Feel like a second helping? No problem, because we know you'll want more. The chef knows just how to make your mouth water at every meal! And what about those famous soft bars ready to be slipped into your backpack when you leave for your day's expedition? You can't leave without asking for the recipe. But is the chef keeping it a secret? Only visitors to the Auberge will be able to find out.

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Reason #4

Six mountains to explore

Attention all mountain lovers! The Auberge is surrounded by 6 peaks all over 770 metres high, just waiting to be explored. Coleman, 780, Nicol-Albert, Collins, Matawees, and Frère-de-Nicol-Albert – all these impressive mountains loom large in the midst of an absolutely enchanting setting. A mere stone’s throw from the Auberge, the nearby peaks, true symbols of open spaces, awaken a real sense of freedom in those who venture there. Now it’s your move! Time to head for the hills!

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Reason #5

A meeting with the kings of the territory

“I was strolling through the woods when I suddenly felt the ground moving beneath my feet. As I looked up, there they were in the distance, standing right in front of me…two magnificent moose, the kings of the territory. I hid in the brush as best I could, and they approached me discreetly, giving me a chance to admire them in my own sweet time from afar, so as not to alter their natural behavior.” This is proof that a simple walk in the woods can lead to extraordinary encounters!

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Reason #6

No signal? No problem!

Let's be honest: at the Auberge, your cell phone signal will sputter and fade. Actually, you won't have any signal at all, but you'll quickly see what a relief this is. When you find yourself at 615 metres above sea level, you'll quickly forget your daily concerns and soon realize how great it is to be without a phone. This is the very best way to disconnect, and you'll feel the benefits after only a few hours. From then on, you’ll seize every opportunity to get rid of your phone signal once again.

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Reason #7

Our guides

True outdoor junkies, our guides know the Auberge environment better than anyone, and they’ll cheerfully share their knowledge with you. Generous and available, they ensure your safety, offer activities adapted to your needs and capacities, and never fail to pass on their contagious enthusiasm. And your stay will make you true lovers of the Auberge, ready to pass on your love of this exceptional place to everyone you meet.

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Reason #8

Let our Auberge staff pamper you

When you arrive at the Auberge, our staff welcomes you like old friends. This is your home away from home. During your stay, you’ll establish a special relationship with the members of our team. Because a life experience this intense and rich in emotions forges bonds that are simply one of a kind.

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Reason #9

Natural zenitude

What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee and the fresh morning air tickling your hair, in the midst of the vastness of the mountains? At the Auberge you can repeat this experience every day of your stay. Whether you want to practice your meditation or morning yoga, admire the scenery, or relax in the hammocks after your day in the great outdoors, the wooden deck is at your disposal so you can relax, admire the changing light on the mountains, and clear your head. 

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Reason #10

Sharing moments and unique memories 

Have you ever taken a trip that lasted a few days and remained etched in your memory? That's what the Auberge offers you. Here you’ll meet people you’ll never forget. The experience at the Auberge is so special that the members of your group will quickly become your friends. When the evening comes, complicity settles in. Around the table and while enjoying a good bottle of wine… this is the moment to get together and share memories of the day with the other guests. No doubt, you’ll fall in love with this magical place. Because here, everything is larger than life, even the benefits of a stay with us. We’re convinced that you’ll leave here with memories galore and the firm intention of returning one day.

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